User Guide

Please see the table of links to the the other topics in this guide on the far right and below each section and the embedded table of links to page subsections.


This guide is not intended to descibe each topic in full detail but rather to descibe what you need to know specifically for our environment. More details about a command or software package or technology can be found elsewhere in most cases. Please email us if you are having trouble finding some information you need.


This user guide also assumes familiarity with the following topics:

Cluster Computing


Research Computing resources are presented in a Linux environment. Be comfortable working from a command-line (notably the "bash" shell). Users are expected to understand how to edit text files, and how to manipulate file and directory permissions.

Secure Shell (SSH)

Access to Research Computing resources is generally provided via SSH. Understand how to log into a remote server using SSH, and how to use SSH to transfer files between the remote server and your local workstation.

Shell scripting

Compute jobs launched on Research Computing compute resources are initialized by user-written shell scripts. Beyond that, many common operations can be simplified and automated using shell scripts.