Getting Started

In order to use Research Computing resources, you'll need to get an RC account. You may also need to get a compute time allocation, or permission to access other resources you want to use.

This getting-started guide will help guide you through these first few steps toward using RC resources, based on your particular needs. More information is available in the User Guide, and links to more documentation will be provided throughout this process.

If, at any time, you are unsure how to proceed, please contact us at Your feedback will help us make this getting-started guide, and the rest of our documentation, better!

Get an account

Again, the first thing that every prospective Research Computing user must do is get an account. This process is dependent on your current affiliation.

If you already have an RC account, skip ahead to "Get access to resources." Otherwise, select from the following list:

I am affiliated with CU-Boulder or already have a CU-Boulder "IdentiKey" account.
If you already have a CU-Boulder account, you can directly request an RC account and 2-factor authentication.
I am affiliated with another institution and am collaborating with a CU-Boulder researcher.
You can access CU and RC resources through the CU sponsored affiliate program.

All users of Research Computing resources are responsible for complying with all university policies, including (but not limited to) those defined at

Get access to resources

Once you have an RC account, you can request access to RC resources, or access resources that you are already authorized to use.

All RC users have access to the RC login environment, so you're welcome to start there. If you want to do any actual computation, or store any significant quantity of data, you'll need to get access to one of the more specialized Research Computing resources.

I want to run compute applications on the shared infrastructure.
The Summit Supercomputer, The Janus HPC cluster, Crestone bladecenter, GP-GPU nodes, large-memory nodes, and other compute resources are available to the RC community.
I want to purchase dedicated nodes in the Research Computing condo, or use condo nodes already purchased.
Dedicated nodes may be purchased as part of the Blanca condo cluster.
I want to purchase storage space in the PetaLibrary, or store or access data in an existing PetaLibrary allocation.
The PetaLibrary Active and PetaLibrary Archive storage services can be used to store data for compute or long-term storage.