2018 RMACC HPC Symposium- Call for Participation

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 -0700


The 2018 Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC) High Performance Computing (HPC) symposium welcomes proposals for presentations on a variety of topics in several formats.

The 2018 RMACC HPC Symposium is scheduled for August 7-9th at The University of Colorado Boulder. Open to the public, the symposium brings together computational scientists, system administrators, and users of high performance computing systems from universities, government laboratories, and industry from throughout the 6-state Rocky Mountain Region. The symposium features a wide array of panel discussions, technical presentations, and tutorial sessions on research, education, and best practices in the areas of computational science and high performance computing.


Submission Deadlines

Presentation proposals must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on February 28, 2018.  See below for submission instructions.


Session Types

  1. Tutorial - Tutorials give participants in-depth training in how to effectively use and manage advanced research computing resources and services. 1.5-, 3-, and 6-hr sessions are available.  Two or more 1.5- or 3-hr tutorials that build on each other may be combined into a sequence.  Tutorials that include some degree of hands-on content are encouraged.

  2. Panel Discussion - Expert panelists give a brief overview of their perceptions regarding the general topic, may discuss several preselected questions among themselves, and respond to audience questions.  Panels focused on the use of HPC in particular research domains (eg, genomics, polar science, fluid dynamics …) can be especially helpful for newcomers to HPC.

  3. Technical Presentation - These 55-min sessions may provide a general overview of a particular topic (eg, "scientific visualization" or "HPC in the cloud") or give a more detailed examination of a specific sub-topic, application, or research result.

  4. Visualization Showcase - 8-min talks that present a novel data visualization and describe its meaning and production.

  5. There will be a separate call for student posters.


Topic Tracks or Categories

  1. Data Visualization, Management, and Transfer

  2. Topics aimed at students or new HPC users, including introductory tutorials, career development, etc.

  3. Topics for experienced HPC users, including advanced tutorials, detailed technical presentations, etc.

  4. User Support and Outreach, including to under-represented or diverse groups

  5. System/Storage/Network Administration

  6. Big Data / Data Analytics / Machine Learning


Submission Instructions

All submissions should include an abstract of up to five sentences in length, as well as a half-page document describing the proposed session in greater detail.  Please suggest the Type and Track that may be most suitable for your presentation, and also include a brief CV for the presenter.